Trusts and Foundations

Support from Trusts and Foundations is transforming the lives of students and staff across our campus in the form of buildings, fellowships, residencies, scholarships, vital research and inspirational art.

Many philanthropic organisations have left their mark on the University of Leeds in the last 100 years.

Clothworkers Court, the red-brick courtyard in the heart of campus, and the University’s magnificent Clothworkers’ Centenary Concert Hall recall donations made by the Clothworkers Foundation as a founding partner in 1904. Philanthropic support of this nature has always been extremely important for interdisciplinary work, capital development and high priority projects beyond available research funding.

Our research staff, students, volunteers, magnificent archives and collections and public engagement programmes are helping charities deliver their missions in myriad ways. If you are connected to a philanthropic trust or foundation and would be interested in seeing how we can support its work, please get in touch with our Trusts and Proposals officer:

Katherine Bavage, Alumni & Development Team, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT. Tel: +44 (0)113 343 4239

As a UK top-ten University for research excellence and impact, connected to other excellent academic institutions through the White Rose Consortium and the N8 we are in a unique position to help charities achieve their goals, in Leeds and the rest of the world.

In this video, Jon Moulton talks about the decision he took with his Charitable Foundation to support brain cancer research  at the University of Leeds.

How have Trusts and Foundations supported Leeds?

Our libraries

A group of five students are sat in a room around a table with a large screen featuring project work behind them

The Wolfson Foundation gift supported the provision of state-of-the-art spaces for group work in our library.

Donations from the Garfield Weston and Wolfson Foundations helped the University open it first new library in 18 years. The Laidlaw library is significantly enhancing our undergraduate students’ learning experience, including bespoke spaces for group and community support work supported by these donations.

Cutting-edge medical research


Trustees of Arthritis Research UK visited the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine to meet PhD scholars and see research facilities their gifts supported.

Our commitment to push the boundaries for cutting edge medical research through our world leading academic teams has been enhanced by targeted support. The Arthritis Research Trust Yorkshire has made gifts to support PhD studentships and Laboratory space. Long-standing support from Yorkshire Cancer Research is ensuring we are doing our part to find cures for cancer within this generation.


Three people are facing the camera, Lauren (left), Dr Lee (Centre) and Mr Hemsley (right) with the stage of the University Great hall behind them

EXSEL Scholar Lauren and Dr Karen Lee had a chance to meet with Heart Research UK Trustee Richard Hemsley at our Vice Chancellors Scholarship reception.

Many trusts and foundations recognise how supporting brilliant young students at Leeds will help advance their cause. Heart Research UK has supported the Excellence in Scholarship, Enterprise and Leadership (EXSEL) scholarship scheme, providing a bursary to support students in our school of Medicine to develop additional skills for clinical work. A donation from the Michael John Trust has supported a PhD student with a specialist research focus on wear of knee replacements within our Institute of Mechanical and Biological Engineering.

Our communities

A young girl faces the camera holding out a square model constructed with card and wire spiral hinges

Leeds school pupils are challenged to construct a scale model of HESCO’s gabion basket in a project workshop.

A key part of our role as a University is to support the local, national and global communities we are linked with. A grant from the Leeds Community Foundation managed ‘Jimbo’s Fund’ allowed our educational engagement team to develop a programme to teach young people in the city about what ‘engineering’ really involves. Over the three years the programme has reached over 1,450 pupils, 1,200 members of the public and developed an amazing platform of inspirational workshop content to show young people their potential to thrive and innovate in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths.