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The Plus Programme

 January 5, 2018 | Simon Jenkins

The Plus Programme


The Plus Programme provides targeted, on-course support to students from non-traditional backgrounds to help them to make the transition to Higher Education, to help create a sense of belonging and to help them to access additional support across the University.

The Plus Programme delivers a dedicated programme of activity and has three strands:

  1. Retention (transition)
  2. Student success (academic and personal)
  3. Employability skills

The Plus Programme involves signposting students to existing services and helping students to build their confidence and aims for the future (whether they are considering postgraduate study or graduate employment).

Strand One helps to manage transition and student expectations by providing pre-entry guidance (such as web articles written by current students), a pre-registration Welcome Day, as well as opportunities to build social support networks to help to foster a sense of belonging to Leeds.

Strand Two focuses on student success and achievement, and includes signposting to Library services and the provision of bespoke study skills workshops. Students are also invited to attend workshops on public speaking and presentation skills.

Strand 3 provides opportunities to develop employability skills; students receive ]emails about volunteering opportunities, internships, and job vacancies, as well as support with writing CVs and job interview skills.

The Scholarships Team also provides additional guidance appointments and pastoral support to students on a one-to-one basis.