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Our partnership with national charity IntoUniversity is changing young people’s lives in two of the most deprived areas of inner-city Leeds.

IntoUniversity is a national educational charity with a mission to raise the aspirations of young people from the poorest homes across the UK. These young people face a considerable educational disadvantage – statistically they do far less well at school, they are less likely to go to university and they have little chance of entering the professions.

IntoUniversity aims to change this.  With the help of our donors, the charity has established learning centres which work directly with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them sustained and continuous support from primary school to A-level – and inspiring them to see a place at university as something to which they can aspire.

The centres meet a real need. By working with schools where a significant percentage of children receive free school meals, they focus on areas of the greatest social and educational disadvantage.

In 2014, with the support of our alumni and The Queen’s Trust, we opened our first IntoUniversity centre in East Leeds. It proved an immediate success, drawing in young people from across this inner-city area of significant poverty and social disadvantage. Almost immediately, its places were over-subscribed.

Its success, together with the support of The Asda Foundation and other donors – led us to establish a second IntoUniversity centre in South Leeds in 2015.

The centres have brought a new dimension to learning in two areas with deep-seated social issues around housing, education and unemployment. In the first three years:

• 4,188 young people took part in sessions delivered either in school or at the two centres;

• 443 young people from 53 different schools received regular academic support in after-school sessions at the centres;

• The centres worked with 24 schools to deliver focussed learning sessions;

And now with the help of our donors we have increased provision at both of these centres.

Now, thanks to gifts from The Asda Foundation and other donors ­– capacity at the two centres has been increased by 50%, effectively creating the provision of a third Leeds centre.

By the time the project is fully established, this will allow IntoUniversity to see an additional 900 students across East and South Leeds each year. At the same time, the centres have extended the reach of their work by establishing links with 12 more schools. In March 2019, a group of 120 16 and 17-year-olds pupils were visiting campus for the IntoUniversity Year 12 Conference, where they took part in a range of talks and seminars about higher education.

Since the first Leeds centre opened in Harehills in 2014, more than 50 young people have come through the two centres to enrol at the University of Leeds – while many others have begun their studies at other universities around the UK.

But the issues of social mobility cannot be addressed in just a few years. Our ambition is for the Leeds IntoUniversity centres to make the most profound difference possible in their two communities.

The demand for these services – as well as the numbers who could potentially benefit – demonstrates the need not merely to maintain them into the future, but to extend their range and reach yet further. And to do this requires sustained investment.

Making a World of Difference


Proven to succeed

Naoise Redman-Poku

Donor Andy Hinton


Filmed at the IntoUniversity Centre in Beeston - and on the University of Leeds campus - young people explain the benefits of this life-changing outreach programme.

IntoUniversity Leeds East

Rosie Kenwood, Centre Leader at IntoUniversity Leeds East, talks about the work the centre is doing to raise aspirations of young people in the area - and how donations from University of Leeds alumni made it possible.

IntoUniversity South Leeds official opening

A montage of images from the opening of the IntoUniversity South Leeds centre in Beeston in April 2016.

IntoUniversity South Leeds

The launch of the IntoUniversity Centre in Beeston, Leeds. Established by national charity IntoUniversity, with support from the Asda Foundation, the Queen's Trust and individual donations, the centre works with the University of Leeds to raise the aspirations and academic achievements of young people from across the south of the city.

IntoUniversity South Leeds Visit

Donors, staff and friends join children learning at the South Leeds IntoUniversity centre.

Into University - our students' film

Made by Cinema and Photography students Ishan Siddiqui, Zhao Pang and Chris Werrett, this film visits the Into University Centre in Harehills to meet some of the staff and young people - and discover how this work is raising aspirations in this inner city community. This film was one of three made by students for the University's Leeds Actually event, held at the Mondrian Hotel in London in June 2015.

IntoUniversity Leeds East launch event

Students, staff and supporters of the IntoUniversity Centre in Harehills gather to celebrate its official opening in February 2015.

IntoUniversity Leeds East Launch

A montage of images from the launch of IntoUniversity Leeds East in 2015.

Donors' visit

University of Leeds donors visit the Into University Centre in Harehills.

Into University explained

As the East Leeds centre prepares to open, donors explain why they are supporting Into University in Leeds.

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