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Students take control of their health and wellbeing

 March 26, 2020 | Simon Jenkins

A decade ago, around 1,500 students a year sought support from Student Counselling and Wellbeing services. Whilst this has typically grown by around 10% a year, last year saw a sharp 35% increase in students seeking support.

The Student Counselling service offers a range of support to students at times of any emotional, psychological or mental health difficulties. They are a multi-disciplinary team who offer a range of support from individual and group appointments to workshops and 24 hour online support.

The Lifestyle and Wellbeing Programme builds on and helps alleviate pressure on these regular services. Enabled by the gifts of supporters like you, the programme offers a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing through counselling, mental health support and physical activity. It aims to empower students to take control of their wellbeing which, in turn, allows them to fully engage with their education and University experience.

Thanks to you, last year, 183 students received a range of support across the 12-week programme aiming to encourage them to foster healthier life choices. Each student receives a tailored approach, supported by a consultant who helps them maintain motivation and provides guidance on exercise and physical activity, stress, diet, lifestyle and sleep. Participants are also granted free access to the University’s gym and sports facilities.

Enabled by your support, the Lifestyle and Wellbeing Programme provides an invaluable addition to the range of support we can provide for students. Enabling students, through exercise, diet and lifestyle advice, to take control and improve their wellbeing not only empowers their engagement with their studies and time at Leeds but serves to equip them with practical skills and understanding for their future lives and careers.’

Chris Warrington, Head of Student Support.

Frances Adralojc, one of the programme’s Exercise Referral Instructors, stresses how life-changing the programme is for students: “The support they receive and structure they build during the 12 weeks is immensely useful at helping with their lifestyles whilst at university and beyond. The changes they make to their mental and physical health have a huge impact on their overall quality of life and lifestyle balance. The programme’s holistic, flexible approach means it’s beneficial to all students taking part.”

Students have reported the immense impact the programme has had on their mood, physical health, work ethic and performance with one participant saying that the programme “has shown me that very simple tasks can turn my life in a very positive direction”.

Students take control of their health and wellbeing