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Student callers break the record

 May 14, 2014 | Simon Jenkins

Call-team-2On Monday evening the Footsteps Fund student fundraisers reached a new milestone, raising £30,725 in one evening, all thanks to generous supporters of the Making a World of Difference Campaign!

Donations ranging from single credit card gifts, to regular monthly donations of all different sizes, contributed to the biggest total raised on any shift, since the Footsteps Fund began in 2004.

What’s more, the three-hour call session took the Making a World of Difference campaign fundraising total over the £44million milestone!

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our hardworking student callers, and most importantly, to thank each and every one of our donors who have given us such a great week of fundraising.

Over the years, thousands of Leeds Alumni have been sharing stories of their time at Leeds, and what they have gone on to do since. Callers have also been sharing stories too, and letting our alumni know how fundraising is changing lives. Every penny of the money we raise goes towards worthy causes such as potentially life-saving health research, student scholarships, and many more exciting areas of the Campaign.

To find out more about the Footsteps Fund and all the projects it supports, please click here.

Student callers break the record