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Scholars are First Class

 March 19, 2014 | Simon Jenkins

2013 was a record year for students supported by our donors through the Centenary Alumni Scholarship scheme.

Figures collected from across the whole University show that 93% of Centenary Alumni Scholars who graduated in 2013 achieved a First or Upper Second class degree – compared to 79% of students University wide.

Their success is a tribute to the outstanding support which the University gives to its scholars. As well as the financial support through the Footsteps Fund, scholars undertake an induction when they begin their course and are offered subsequent support and training throughout their studies.

Dhara Patel, who graduated with an MPhys in Physics said: “The donors who have supported me have been vital to making my university experience so amazing. Their support has helped me reach one of the greatest achievements of my life – graduating with a Masters in Physics – and I would like to thank them so much. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Centenary Alumni Scholars can be found in every Faculty of the University. Among the latest intake is Katie Dawtry who started her degree in English Language and Literature in September and has already felt the benefit of her scholarship: “When I first arrived at Leeds, I didn’t realise quite how expensive things could be. The cost of books, food and rent soon mounted up. So, when I heard I would be receiving the Centenary Alumni Scholarship, I was really relieved.

“Now I know I don’t need to worry or rely on others to help me out financially. I think that’s the biggest difference this scholarship has made to me. It has given me a sense of financial independence, teaching me to spend wisely money that I know I am very fortunate to have.”

To the right Thomas Goodfellow talks about the support which he receives as a Centenary Alumni Scholar: