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It’s OK not to be OK: LUU Mantality Society

 May 4, 2021 | Mark Dorey

In April 2017, the Leeds University Union Men’s Rugby League tragically suffered the loss of one of their members to suicide. This was devastating for the members of the society and for the whole Leeds community. The society decided they wanted to focus their grief in a positive way and look for a way to help raise awareness around men’s mental health. They wanted to make sure they did everything they could to stop something like this happening again.

Alumni donors and supporters backed this campaign by helping to fund a retreat, run by the LUU Men’s Rugby League and American Football societies, which aimed to create a safe space for young men to talk openly about the challenges they face.

The project received widespread support and the founders were presented with a Leeds for Life Award, which praised their innovation and their hard work promoting and fundraising to support the progression of mental health services in the University and Leeds more broadly.

Due to the retreat’s massive success and the large amount support and interest in it, the project founders have now created the LUU Mantality Society which continues their work long after they have graduated.

Thanks to the support of alumni, like you, we are able to give students the opportunity to run projects which really matter to them and which have such a wide impact on the whole University community.

Student Support at the University of Leeds


Alumni, like you, have helped students access essential mental health and wellbeing support. In the last year alumni funding helped 81 students complete our Lifestyle and Wellbeing programme. With tailored support centered around physical activity, the programme helps give students the tools cope with stress, boost self-confidence and physical health.

These students were also granted free access to the University’s gym, the Edge, for the duration of the programme to encourage long-term lifestyle changes.

Access to the programme has been of even greater significance this last year due to Covid-19 and the impact that social isolation has had upon students’ mental health and wellbeing. We have been providing support through remote interventions to ensure that they have the confidence and ability to make it through this challenging time, and continue in their studies. “I truly believe the Wellbeing programme helped me to successfully complete my degree, something that at times had seemed impossible.” Fourth year student.

It’s OK not to be OK: LUU Mantality Society