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Gallery’s anniversary celebration

 April 15, 2018 | Simon Jenkins

A new exhibition at The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery celebrates the 10th anniversary of the major refurbishment which created a space for the University of Leeds to engage people in the city and beyond with its art collection.

Opening on 18 April, Transformation celebrates the extensive contributions from Stanley and Audrey Burton, Hilary Diaper and the general public to the development and success of the Gallery space.

The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery was launched under its new name, in the enlarged and enhanced space in the University’s Parkinson Building, on 6 March 2008.

Layla Bloom, the University’s Art Curator, said: ‘It was a considerable change from the old University Gallery – as it was originally known. Ten years on from the Gallery’s major transformation, it is an opportune time to consider what the Burton family have made possible.

‘The spaces, expanded and revitalised by their generosity, have greater scope to share the collection; but also, they allow deeper interaction with it.’

To continue this deeper interaction instigated by the Burton family, this exhibition is not only a thank you to all the Gallery’s visitors, but is also a collaborative effort with them. Labels for selected artworks will be written by the Gallery’s audience, and gathered via social media.

The exhibition will feature key artworks from the collection, from artists such as Stanley Spencer, Jacob Epstein, Terry Frost, Atkinson Grimshaw and many others.

Dr Stella Butler, University Librarian and Keeper of the Brotherton Collection, said: ‘This ten year milestone is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the varied and important art collection at the University. The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery is a key cultural asset to the University and city of Leeds, which provides an accessible home for the wonderful collection.’

  • Of the 3,500 works in the University Art Collection, 2,800 works have now been catalogued and made available to everyone via the newly launched Galleries’ website.
  • The largest artwork going on display in Transformations is ‘Birds’ by Norman Adams, at a staggering 7.9ft x 8.2ft
  • The smallest is ‘Drawing for Chelsea Library 3 (Group Studies)’ by Malcolm Drummond, at a tiny 2.2cm x 1.65 cm
  • The number of visitors since officially becoming The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery is 187,057… and counting
Gallery’s anniversary celebration