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Becs’ viral dance installation

 June 17, 2014 | Simon Jenkins

A former Cultural Fellow, artist and stage designer Becs Andrews has led the creation of a new contemporary dance performance, to be staged at theYork Festival of Ideas. TRANSMISSION is an interactive installation devised by the award-winning group of artists, performers and technologists, Becs Andrews Company.

TRANSMISSION is inspired by the idea of ‘Infection’, in science and in everyday life. The music and choreography are deeply informed by the latest discoveries in biomedical research, and by the ‘viral’ spread of information between people via social networks.  In the evening performances, exciting new wearable technology will translate dancers’ movements into intricate ‘infection networks’ of sound and visible webs of light.

The performance combines cutting-edge technology and fluid movement to create a sonic and visual world where even the smallest interactions leave behind a trace.

TRANSMISSION launches 19 June at the York Festival of Ideas: 4 days and 8 performances only.

Becs was the second member of the Academy of Cultural Fellows.

Becs’ viral dance installation