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Bank unlocks the door to Yale

 March 26, 2020 | Simon Jenkins

“It has been so rewarding to study with fellow students and teaching staff at Yale,” says Demetra Brady (Philosophy 2019), looking back at a summer spent at Yale University, funded by Santander Universities: “I have learnt more than I could have imagined.”

Demetra, pictured second right, joined courses in The Philosophy and Cognitive Science of Consciousness and Foundations of Modern Social Theory at Yale – one of America’s oldest universities, in New Haven, Connecticut: “I identified these courses as opportunities to build on my undergraduate studies and inform my future research,” she says.

Demetra also stresses the benefit of the summer school as a cultural exchange: “I made so many friends from around the world. These friendships allowed me to continue learning outside the classroom and understand more about world culture, history and current affairs. We spent a lot of time discussing the political, economic and cultural matters in our respective home countries. I found it so valuable to exchange our experiences in this way.

“I am the first member of my family to attend university, so the prospect of attending an institution like Yale was never even in my field of vision. Being awarded this scholarship from Santander Universities provided an opportunity that I did not even realise was open to me.”

“I am now working as an Associate Consultant at IBM. Alongside my day job, I am learning to code with Code First Girls and I am working on a volunteering project with AI for Good, looking to build tools with emerging technologies to help accelerate charity-led research. My undergraduate studies and experience at Yale gave me knowledge and confidence to pursue research and projects I am passionate about. I truly believe in Santander’s commitment to education and I hope that in the future I can help others in the same way that they have helped me.”

For more than ten years, Santander Universities has supported a host of projects at Leeds. Santander scholarships enable graduates – both from the UK and other countries across their global banking network – to enrol on Masters courses at Leeds. Their support for the Leeds for Life Foundation has created a diverse range of opportunities for our students to develop through attending summer schools and undertaking projects to benefit wider society. Entrepreneurship Awards, Proof of Concept funding and mentoring help enterprising students bring their business ideas to fruition.

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Bank unlocks the door to Yale