Water, Sanitation and Health 2 A WORLD DIVIDED In the UK, each time you flush the toilet, six litres of crystal clear water goes straight down the drain. Yet in many of the world’s most deprived communities, filthy water, swarming with parasites, is all there is to drink. The contrast could hardly be more stark. Globally some 780 million people have no access to safe and convenient water. Rapid urbanisation, industrialisation and unprecedented population movements have forced people into cities where the infrastructure cannot cope, heaping pressure onto water supply systems already woefully inadequate. At the same time, climate change is shifting long-established patterns of rainfall, flood and drought. The issues of global sanitation and health are both massive and complex – and yet Leeds is already making a difference. Our research is helping to give more people access to clean, safe water, while our graduates are embedding the skills and expertise they gained at Leeds in communities of the global south. And with your help we could do so much more. HOW YOU CAN HELP While western standards of sanitation will not be quickly achieved by low- income countries, there are smaller, achievable changes which can make a genuine difference to the world’s most deprived communities. And your support can make this happen. •  Scholarships for PhD and Masters students would enable the University to attract the most outstanding international postgraduate candidates to Leeds, immerse themselves in one of the key issues of water supply and sanitation, and contribute new studies relevant to their own home country. Rather than being given ready-made answers to generic issues, these students would be equipped with the skills to develop tailor-made solutions, ideally suited to a community’s specific needs.