WP and Masters Scholarships 6 SPREADING THE BENEFITS OF EDUCATION This story doesn’t end with scholarships. Thanks to your help the University of Leeds is spreading the message about the benefits of higher education and raising the aspirations of young people: • IntoUniversity: Working alongside national charity IntoUniversity, your gifts have allowed us to open two centres in inner-city Leeds, working with children from the age of seven to improve their attainment in school and encourage them to aim high. • Reach for Excellence: This programme of mentoring, academic support and social activities works with around 200 16-18 year olds from less-privileged backgrounds each year to open their eyes to the benefits of higher education and help prepare them to succeed. • Access to Leeds: Disadvantaged students who successfully complete a series of assignments alongside their A-levels receive a lower admissions offer to ease pressure on their final school exams. And for students successful in securing a place at Leeds, a scholarship can enable them to study free of financial concern. The success of this work is best demonstrated by its results. Of the 113 scholars who graduated in 2014, 30% achieved a First, compared to 21.4% of students as a whole. Even so, the number we can support is limited by the funds available – we still have to say “no” to many deserving young people. With your help we can offer this support to 200 students every year, and in so doing, change a thousand lives over the course of the Campaign.