3 WP and Masters Scholarships ‘I FEEL BLESSED’ A scholarship can change the course of people’s lives. After spending her childhood in Greece, Katerina Mullin (Law 2016) came to a deprived area of Northumberland when her parents separated: “At first I was in the lowest sets at school. I remember wishing I could at least read the road signs.” But gradually she caught up and thrived at school and while in the sixth form was ‘talent- spotted’ by the University’s Educational Engagement team. After completing a University assignment she was then given a reduced admissions offer, meaning she could take up a place at Leeds even if she didn’t achieve the very highest grades. “That really took the pressure off at exam time,” she says. “I got straight A-grades.” A scholarship is supporting Katerina during her studies, and she has taken the opportunity to broaden her horizons by joining a project supporting women facing complex problems: “It has been really eye-opening and makes me feel blessed for what I have received in life.”