WP and Masters Scholarships 2 JUST IMAGINE... ...a world where background is no barrier to success, where a bright student could achieve their full potential whatever their family circumstances, where a young person from a deprived area would have the same chance of achieving a place at a good university as their counterpart from a well-off home or private school. Difficult isn’t it? Students can face major obstacles: • Education: The brightest young people may struggle to achieve the top A-level grades if they attend a school in a deprived area or with little track record of university entry; • Money: The financial commitment of university can be daunting. The cost of travel, daily living and reading lists have all risen above inflation and tuition fees are £9,000 a year. Students must commit to a loan to cover these major expenses; • Awareness: If no members of their family have been to university, even the ablest student may question its value. Family circumstances can impact on a student’s dream of entering university. They may be from a single-parent family or a low-income household; they might have spent time in care or had their schooling interrupted; they could have caring responsibility for relatives. But these are the very people who stand to gain the most from higher education – and with your help, we will support as many as possible to succeed. Your gifts to provide undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships will give talented and determined students the chance to overcome whatever barriers stand between them and achieving their ambition.