Sycous, a technology business established by PhD student Joseph Collier, is helping energy providers to be as efficient as possible. The way energy is distributed to homes and businesses is increasingly diverse. Hot water may be generated at a central plant and sent around a local heat network; private wire networks connect consumers to localised electricity plants. Sycous supports this growing industry – reducing operating costs and helping users reduce consumption. Its software, mySycous, combines smart metering, data collection and customer relations management to automate the billing process and reduce administration costs. Intelligent tariffs and informative billing practices help customers reduce their usage. Joseph credits SPARK’s role in establishing Sycous: “Their advice and expertise was instrumental in getting us as far as we’ve come. We also benefited from funding to run marketing and brand awareness campaigns across the UK.” Now employing 12 staff, Sycous has clients including Anchor Housing and the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital – and is looking to expand overseas. 5 Enterprise Scholarships