THE ENTERPRISING UNIVERSITY In 2015 a string of awards confirmed Leeds as Britain’s top university for enterprise: • The Duke of York Award for University Entrepreneurship recognised our role in enabling student entrepreneurship and supporting small businesses in the region; • Head of SPARK Kairen Skelley was named Higher Education Enterprise Champion at the National Enterprise Educator Awards; • The University was named Entrepreneurial University of the Year at the Times Higher Education Awards. Donor support – both practical and financial – has been crucial to this success. Our Sir Peter Thompson Award rewards students for their most innovative and commercially-viable ideas, while our new InTechnology Enterprise Incubation Hub gives students and recent graduates the perfect breeding ground from which to grow their business. And your support for SPARK is making great things happen: • Proof-of-concept funding and success in the University Business Plan Competition helped Nick Howard (Theatre 2002) to establish Limehouse films, which now numbers Yorkshire Tea, First Direct – and the University of Leeds – among its regular clients; • James Wilkinson (Product Design 2014) developed his One Sound Hire business at Leeds – supplying a number of local events and venues. After securing a First in his Masters degree in product design, he earned a prestigious Entrepreneur Fellowship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 4 Enterprise Scholarships