Enterprise Scholarships 2 FROM BRAINWAVE TO BUSINESS A third of Leeds students say one day they’d like to run their own business. Their great ideas and passion to succeed is a potent combination; your support for an Enterprise Scholarship can be the catalyst which unlocks that potential. Your gift could open the way to a bright business future for these aspiring entrepreneurs. Your support will give them important working capital and access to the expertise of our business start-up service SPARK and the array of support available through the Leeds business community and from our alumni. It works. Just ask Emma Sheldon, whose successful online fashion accessories store LVNDR has been trading since December 2013. Emma (Broadcast Journalism 2016) already had a successful blog, a business idea and the first draft of her website prepared, but an Enterprise Scholarship was critical to getting her fledgling company off the ground: “The Scholarship not only gave me the funds to buy stock, but also a place at the University’s Business Bootcamp which really cemented what I needed to know about writing a proper business plan. “When asked, I always tell people to just go ahead, try out their ideas and give it a go. Every mistake is a learning point, but with expert advice out there from business start-up services like SPARK, you can turn your idea into a business.” www.lvndr.co.uk