Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8Make your gift go twice as far For a limited period, the University is matching gifts to provide PhD Scholarships, which means you can double the impact of your donation. And because the University is a charity, UK taxpayers can make their gifts go further. Gift Aid enables the University to reclaim the basic rate of tax on the value of a donation, while higher rate (40%) and additional rate (45%) taxpayers can reclaim the difference between their rate of tax and the basic rate. University of Leeds Leeds, United Kingdom, LS2 9JT Tel 0113 343 1162 Donors may choose to make their gift in instalments. Gifts from £2,000 upwards would support travel bursaries to enable PhD students to develop their research through fieldwork. You claim tax relief 2 £6,500 £7,000 £8,000 £12,500 Net cost to you £19,500 £21,000 £24,000 £37,500 Area of research Social Sciences and the Arts Maths, Chemistry and Physics Business, Biology, Engineering, Environment Medicine and dentistry You give £26,000 £28,000 £32,000 £50,000 The University claims Gift Aid1 £6,500 £7,000 £8,000 £12,500 The University matches your donation £32,500 £35,000 £40,000 £62,500 Full value of gift £65,000 £70,000 £80,000 £125,000 If you are a Higher Rate (40%) taxpayer: 1. Added at the basic rate of tax. Your donations to charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs will qualify for gift aid as long as they do not total more than four times what you have paid in tax in that tax year. 2. Higher rate relief is the difference between basic rate and higher rate tax. 3. Additional rate relief is the difference between basic rate and additional rate tax. Further information on tax-effective giving and eligibility at You claim tax relief 3 £8,125 £8,750 £10,000 £15,625 Net cost to you £17,875 £19,250 £22,000 £34,375 If you are an Additional Rate (45%) taxpayer: