Making a gift Regular gifts are critical to sustaining the remarkable work of the Footsteps Fund in supporting young people from less privileged backgrounds, opening life-changing opportunities for all our students and creating new knowledge through research. Further information on the projects supported by the fund can be found at where you will also find a link to our secure online donation page. And because the University is a charity, UK taxpayers can make their support go much further. Here are just three examples of how Gift Aid could unlock still greater support from your monthly donation: University of Leeds Leeds, United Kingdom LS2 9JT Tel 0113 343 1162 Monthly donation £25 £50 £85 Annual value £300 £600 £1,0201 The University claims Gift Aid2 £75 £150 £255 Total value £375 £750 £1,275 1. Donors contributing £1,000 a year – as well as those who have made total gifts of more than £10,000 – are enrolled into the Parkinson Circle, which recognises their exceptional contribution to the University. The generosity of all donors is recognised through inclusion on our Donor Roll of Honour which lists the many thousands of alumni and other friends of the University who have contributed. 2. Gift Aid enables the University to reclaim the basic rate of tax on the value of your donation; while higher rate (40%) and additional rate (45%) taxpayers can reclaim the difference between their rate of tax and the basic rate. Further information on tax-effective giving and eligibility is available at