7 The Footsteps Fund RESEARCH AND CARE “ I am passionate about this job and about doing the best for my patients.” Footsteps Fund gifts enabled the appointment of Neuro-Oncology Research Radiographer Sharon Fernandez to a Leeds research group dedicated to seeking revolutionary treatments for brain cancer, a condition which is thankfully rare, but invariably fatal. Footsteps Fund donors have been generous supporters of this work, contributing a total of £159,000, allowing us to create Sharon’s role which is crucial to recruiting new patients onto trials of new therapies and giving them the best possible experience during their treatment. The research team is led by Professor Susan Short who explains: “This post is making such a difference to the number of patients we have in our trials – and giving them a better experience while they are here. “It’s great for our patients to have someone to follow them through their pathway; they feel they are getting a higher standard of care. It will also help us to explore new ways of testing whether the patient is responding to treatment.” In addition, the donations will fund a research technician to test new ideas in the lab. Says Susan: “We are so grateful to the Footsteps Fund donors whose generosity has made all of this possible.”