BROADENING HORIZONS Many of our students have a passion for helping others; gifts from Footsteps Fund donors are allowing them to make a genuine difference in society. Grants from the Footsteps Fund enable students to undertake extra-curricular and voluntary projects which are beneficial to the community and support their own development. The Writing Back Programme is a perfect example of how the ripples of a single idea can spread out to reach large numbers of people. The award- winning programme creates pen-pal pairings between students and older Yorkshire residents; their regular letters create long-term friendships across the generations, each learning from the other, while tackling loneliness both among the elderly and in the student community. More than 200 people are now writing to each other, enabling students to learn of Yorkshire’s rich cultural heritage while connecting with the wider community. 5 The Footsteps Fund The Laidlaw Library, which opened in 2015, is at the heart of the daily learning experience for our undergraduates. A dedicated Footsteps Fund Room and a wall of thanks with the names of more than 2,300 donors celebrate the generosity of those whose contributions made this remarkable development possible.