3 The Footsteps Fund OPENING DOORS “I was able to define what I wanted to do, rather than being defined by my finances.” Georgina Cresswell (English and History 2018) made the most of her time at Leeds, throwing herself into volunteering activities and developing a passion for journalism. From a low-income household and the first of her family to enter higher education, Georgina acknowledges the role a Footsteps Fund Scholarship played in her time at Leeds: “It has fostered my personal and professional growth and been an enlightening experience.” Each year, donors enable us to fund hundreds of scholarships for young people who face a range of disadvantages – they may have been brought up in public care, come from a low-income household, or have caring responsibilities. Scholarships free them to enjoy all the life-shaping opportunities opened up by enrolling at Leeds. For many, the simple knowledge that donors are investing in their success can be truly inspirational. • Undergraduate Scholarships worth £3,000 a year are awarded to students who might not have been able to take up their place without financial support. • Masters Scholarships worth £5,000 support students whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them studying at a postgraduate level. We allocate scholarships according to need; each year the University admits more deserving students than our resources allow us to support. As Georgina says: “The scholarship allowed me to gain vital experience, explore my interests and discover my passion for helping people. Your donation has changed my life and allowed me, I hope, to do something to change that of others.”