A PIPELINE OF TALENT •  PhD researchers play a vital role in the success of the University. These brilliant, motivated individuals are the heartbeat of our research effort, afforded the time and space to spend three or four years of concentrated doctoral study, focusing on specific research questions. Without PhD work, research progress would be slow and great ideas would be left undeveloped, their potential wasted. •  International PhD Scholarships would allow some of the most promising graduates from countries around the globe to continue their studies at Leeds – providing for them a life-changing opportunity, while further strengthening our own research teams with the very best graduates from overseas. •  A strong cohort of Postdoctoral Researchers will be crucial to taking forward our work in engineering and the physical sciences. Postdoctoral research is an essential step in the early-career development of an academic. With their skills already developed during their doctoral study, Postdocs are ideally equipped to drive forward our research effort in the University’s collaborative, multi- disciplinary culture. •  An international visitor programme would bring academics from postdoctoral level upwards to spend a period of between one and six months at Leeds. Chosen from some of the most renowned research groups in the world, this programme will ensure a flow of fresh knowledge into the University’s research activity, raise the international profile of our work – and forge fruitful collaborations which will last long into the future. 9 From Atoms to Devices