7 From Atoms to Devices EXTREME WEATHER PREDICTION In some communities around the world, the weather is a matter of life and death. Though forecasting has improved massively it is still difficult to predict cyclones and hurricanes. But our experts in meteorology, climate science and computational fluid dynamics are working to offer more certainty about where and with what power a cyclone will strike. With your investment in research that refines our forecasting techniques, we will give vulnerable communities time to take action and prepare. A NET BENEFIT Sub-Saharan Africa faces two apparently unrelated problems. Huge quantities of textile waste from the developed world is dumped in landfill sites; in the same region, almost 400,000 people die of malaria every year. But we are tackling both problems at once. We’re developing a process to turn textile waste into cellulose and polyester; the cellulose will be processed into a cryogel to form a mosquito trap and the polyester into insecticidal mosquito nets. Your support could be critical in turning this laboratory process into lifesaving products.