ROBOTICS The University of Leeds hosts the UK’s National Facility for Innovative Robotics Systems, with strengths concentrated in a number of key areas: •  Motor functions – helping people recover lost function, for example stroke victims who have lost basic motor skills, and replacing functions which they will never regain, for example lost limbs; • Exploration – investigating inaccessible or dangerous places, for example inside sewer pipes or service tunnels where they can detect faults and conduct repairs; • Surgery – using tiny robots inserted into the body to enable minimally-invasive surgery, remove tumours, detect conditions or remain in the body to administer drugs. But just imagine if we could take these technologies further. User-friendly devices could give patients round-the-clock access to rehabilitation at home; underground service networks could be repaired by robots, removing the need for roadworks; robots could be implanted into a patient to conduct surgery or guide surgeons during operations. Your support could help overcome the research hurdles to bring these possibilities to life. 5 From Atoms to Devices