ULTRASOUND AND MICROBUBBLES When these tiny bubbles, less than one hundredth of a millimetre across, are injected into the bloodstream they flow around the body and show up as bright dots when subjected to ultrasound. Using microbubbles and ultrasound together can give precise images of tumours and heart defects, because they show clearly how these abnormalities are affecting the blood flow. We are now turning this imaging technique into a revolutionary new method of drug delivery. If the bubbles each contained microscopic quantities of a drug they could be “burst” remotely, again by ultrasound, to release the drug in precisely the right place. For cancer patients this could mean far smaller doses of chemotherapy, as clinicians could ensure all of it was directed to where it was most needed, rather than allowing this toxic medication to wreak havoc on the entire human system. Your support could help us accelerate progress from this revolutionary concept to a life-changing technique. 4 From Atoms to Devices