From Atoms to Devices 2 WORLD-LEADING SCIENCE, WORLDWIDE IMPACT Every minute of every day, in every corner of the globe, University of Leeds research in Engineering and the Physical Sciences is making an impact on our daily lives. •  We designed replacement joints which are giving thousands of people a new lease of life. •  We developed a device that gives an instant diagnosis of heart attacks. •  We built robots which help stroke patients recover lost movement. •  We created components which drive your smartphone. Our ambition to push at the boundaries of knowledge is embodied in the Engineering and Physical Sciences Quarter. With an infrastructure cost of £96m this is the biggest single investment we have ever made in our campus. It will provide: •  Laboratories – This purpose-built home for research will bring together scientists in computing, astronomy, physics, engineering and chemistry to work on problems which can’t be solved by a single research area. • Equipment – The Bragg Centre will be a state-of-the-art research facility for the imaging and analysis of materials and the atom-by-atom growth of new materials custom-built to perform a specific function. •  Education – It will ensure that engineering and physical sciences students learn in first-class labs and specialised teaching spaces, with research and cross- disciplinary collaboration embedded in the curriculum from undergraduate level. Together, these will strengthen Leeds as an international centre for engineering and the physical sciences – and the place where tomorrow’s discoveries will be made. “We are facing up to problems which society can’t currently solve in areas such as medicine, security, energy and telecommunications. This project is about using inter-disciplinary working and creating new functional materials to tackle them.” Professor Peter Jimack, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering