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Why Leeds?

 January 22, 2016 | Simon Jenkins

Uniquely in the UK, Leeds has the people and the facilities equipped to make a difference in brain cancer:

  • Our cancer centre is Britain’s second largest and the only place researching an oncolytic vaccine for brain tumours. “To study a rare tumour you need to be in a big centre like this, otherwise you simply don’t have the patients,” says Professor Short.
  • Leeds Centre for Neuro-Oncology is home to the largest group of brain cancer researchers in the UK, with state-of-the-art facilities and internationally recognised physicians in neurosurgery, oncology, radiation biology, and early clinical trials.

The Leeds centre exemplifies “bench to bedside” research. The close working relationship between the research teams and clinicians provides first-hand contact with patients, access to cell and blood samples for testing and ensures that treatments are guided by the very latest in cancer research. Many staff are also clinicians, their research driven by their contact with patients desperately in need of treatment.

This Yorkshire Evening Post article goes behind the scenes of brain cancer research at Leeds.

Why Leeds?