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Regular supporters provide a real “safety net”

 March 11, 2021 | Jess Mifsud-Bonnici

“ Your regular donations are like a safety net. The more people holding it, the bigger and stronger that net can be.”


Footsteps Fund Manager Marie Christopher-Davey pays tribute to the extraordinary community of regular donors who form the foundation of fundraising at the University of Leeds. More than 2,100 supporters choose to give this way; together they play a fundamental role in the success of the University and our students.

“The more people who support us through a regular gift, the more scholarships and student projects we can commit to funding and the more ambitious we can make our plans for the future – while still secure in the knowledge that we will be able to support students when they need us most.”

This year especially, the impact of your generosity cannot be overstated. Your regular support has been fundamental in our response to the immediate and ever-changing needs of our student population, all while continuing to underpin our ability to award deserving students the gift of a life-changing scholarship.

In fact, those who made their gift by direct debit, whether that be monthly, quarterly or annually, contributed a sum equivalent to 41 undergraduate scholarships this last year. These students may not have been able to come to study at Leeds and take advantage of all the opportunities the University has to offer, had it not been for your amazing support.

Says Marie: “Your generosity not only helps us to face the challenges which arise throughout the year but also allows us to seize opportunities to fund innovative projects which greatly improve the student experience.

“Making your gift today by direct debit will allow you to effectively manage your giving, whilst helping us to commit to supporting more deserving students to come to Leeds and thrive during their time here.”

If you are interested in making a regular gift by direct debit please visit our online donation page today.


11 February 2021.
Marie Christopher-Davey of The University of Leeds.

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