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Olabusayo Longe

 April 17, 2018 | Simon Jenkins

The SPARK Proof of Concept grant of up to £1,000 allows current students who have an idea for a business, but do not have the funds available to fully research its viability, to test the market and gain market research insight which will allow them to make an informed decision about the future potential of their concept.

Proof of Concept funding this year has allowed Olabusayo Longe of software development business, Form+ the opportunity to attend the BIOS Import/Export Conference in Edinburgh.

“The BIOS conference was a really enlightening one for me, ” says Olabusayo. “I saw at first-hand how all kinds of services were being exported out of the UK and how software was no exception. I was also able to meet up with potential enterprise users, some of which I am still in touch with. Once our enterprise plan is ready, these users would be adopting Form+ into their business processes. Some conference attendees also linked me up with their contacts in some schools in India. We have been trying to get direct access to these schools for some time.”

Olabusayo also went on to win first prize in the Spark Business Plan competition.

Olabusayo Longe