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Nic Orsi and Saman Mukhtar

 February 12, 2016 | Fred Higson

Through the programme, some of our most promising trainee doctors have been able to research the major topics of human health. They include:

  • Iain Kennedy (Medicine 2013), who worked alongside surgeons on the relief of back pain;
  • Gemma Sheehan-Dare (Medicine 2016), who undertook laboratory research on the quality of colon cancer resection;
  • Omar Khalil, (Medicine 2016), who conducted an audit of post-operative CT scans in colorectal surgery.

“It was the starting point for me,” says Nic Orsi. The scholarship he received as a medical student allowed Nic to deepen his knowledge through research placements including a spell at Harvard Medical School with renowned mathematician and systems biologist Dr Jeremy Gunawardena.

Now back at Leeds as Senior Research Fellow, he is joint leader of the University’s Women’s Health Research Group – and supervises Saman Mukhtar, one of the latest cohort of scholars, who is exploring the pathology of endometrial cancer.

“The thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is our research,” says Nic. “It all started with my scholarship. That gift made more of an impact than any funding I have had since.”

Nic Orsi and Saman Mukhtar