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 February 10, 2016 | Simon Jenkins

The work of some of our international Masters students will impact on global issues of water, sanitation and health for years to come:

  • The discovery of vast underground reserves of water in Libya led to the development of the Great Man Made River, the world’s largest irrigation project, to bring it to the surface. But it’s an exhaustible supply; no-one knows for sure how long it will last. Through her studies at Leeds, Libyan student Manal Elgalal is examining the most efficient ways to use this water to maintain the supply for as long as possible.
  • Thanks to the generous support of a donor, Linh Nguyen from Hanoi is working on water re-use and recycling solutions for remote communities in regions of rural Vietnam which are not currently connected to mains supplies.
  • David Parks from Boulder, Colorado, plans to use the water engineering expertise he has gained at Leeds as a member of the Emergency Response team of America’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, bringing humanitarian support wherever crises arise.

And with our graduates now working in international agencies, NGOs, and government in the global south, Leeds learning is being put into practice at the sharp end of world poverty.

Masters Students