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Lifestyle and Wellbeing

 September 3, 2020 | Simon Jenkins

The University’s Student Counselling service offers a range of support to students at times of any emotional, psychological or mental health difficulties.

Funded by gifts to the Footsteps Fund, the Lifestyle and Wellbeing Programme builds on these services to offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing through counselling, mental health support and physical activity. It aims to empower students to take control of their wellbeing which, in turn, allows them to fully engage with their education and University experience.

Thanks to you, last year, 81 students received a range of support across the 12-week programme aiming to encourage them to foster healthier life choices. Each student receives a tailored approach, supported by a consultant who helps them maintain motivation and provides guidance on exercise and physical activity, stress, diet, lifestyle and sleep. Participants are also granted free access to the University’s gym and sports facilities.

Access to the programme has been of even greater significance this year due to the impact of the lockdown necessitated by Covid-19 and the affect that the uncertainty and social isolation have had upon student’s mental health and wellbeing. The University has continued to provide support including counselling, wellbeing and mental health interventions through remote interventions during this time, to ensure that students have the confidence and ability to make it through this challenging time and continue in their studies.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing