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Janice Robottom

 January 22, 2016 | Simon Jenkins

Janice Robottom left school with a handful of GCSEs. “Not even the important ones,” she says. “I didn’t consider myself university material.”

While raising a family, she worked as a mortgage advisor: “It was all right, but I certainly wasn’t challenged.”

She decided to re-start her education, first studying for a foundation degree, before enrolling for a degree in medical biochemistry. Her studies were supported by donations to the University’s Footsteps Fund, her first steps into research nurtured by gifts to provide an Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship.

Janice graduated with a First, and is now researching biomarkers, tell-tale signals which through a simple blood test can show the first indications of disease. Her work could lead to new tools for early diagnosis and effective treatment.

“It makes me excited to come to work every day,” she says. “But sadly there are so many great students out there who don’t have this opportunity.”

Janice Robottom