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Jamie Kavanagh

 February 12, 2016 | Fred Higson

Jamie Kavanagh’s Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship could have significant consequences for the City of Leeds. Working alongside colleagues from the University and the city council, Jamie developed a database of cultural and communication industry leaders, as part of the city’s bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2023.

“Through interviews, we gathered insights into the nature of the complex relationships between cultural industry leaders here in Leeds and those elsewhere in Europe,” says Jamie (Graphic & Communications Design 2016). “We were able to gather convincing evidence to confirm Leeds as a candidate for the bid.”

His next step is to organise a networking event in Leeds Town Hall for international cultural leaders, in the hope of creating a strong network of individuals and organisations to take the bid forward.

“It is very exciting to be part of this,” he says.

Jamie Kavanagh