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IntoUniversity – Proven to succeed

 April 16, 2018 | Simon Jenkins

The IntoUniversity model is well established. Each centre provides three main programmes for children aged between 7 and 18 to provide them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to access higher education and increase their career opportunities:

• Academic Support: After-school sessions help young people become curious, independent and successful learners. The learning centres provide both a quiet place to study and skilled tutors who can support students’ out-of-school learning.

The FOCUS programme: Through workshops, study weeks, university visits and career engagement activities, this programme opens young people’s minds to the power of education to transform their lives, inspiring them to envisage a world of learning and future careers.

Mentoring: Secondary school students are paired with undergraduates and young professionals who provide one-to-one support and guidance. Each of the mentors are motivational role models who help students to develop confidence and other essential skills. This offers mutual benefits: those acting as mentors gain vital transferable leadership and communication skills for their own future employment.

Pastoral support is also given to families to engage with their children’s education and play a full part in helping them succeed.

Its results have been remarkable:

In 2016, 75% of school-leavers who also studied at IntoUniversity centres progressed to university compared with 39% of students at state schools nationally.

In the most disadvantaged areas of Leeds only around 12% of children enter higher education – yet for those who had attended one of the two Leeds centres, that figure was 66% in 2016.

74% of young people who have attended IntoUniversity in Leeds say they are now more likely to enter higher education.

IntoUniversity – Proven to succeed