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The importance of making a Will

 January 29, 2018 | Simon Jenkins

Your Will is very important as it ensures that your estate is distributed as you wish, and enables you to provide security for family members and loved ones.

Making a Will also provides an opportunity to remember charities, such as the University, and may allow you to offer a level of financial support which would not have been possible during your lifetime.

If you do not make a Will, your estate will be subject to the law of intestacy. This may mean that your estate does not pass entirely to your next of kin or friends and family as you may have wished.

It is easy to remember the University in your Will. You can do this when you draw up your Will, or you can add a codicil to an existing Will.

We recommend that you seek professional advice before drawing up or making changes to your Will.

Find out more

Information about making a Will is available from the Law Society of England and Wales, the Law Society of Scotland and the Law Society of Northern Ireland.

If you are resident outside the UK, we recommend that you seek advice from the relevant professional body in your home country.

The importance of making a Will