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Emma Sheldon

 January 22, 2016 | Simon Jenkins

Emma Sheldon (Broadcast Journalism 2016) already had a successful blog, a business idea and the first draft of her website prepared, but an Enterprise Scholarship was critical to getting her fledgling fashion accessories store LVNDR off the ground: “The Scholarship not only gave me the funds to buy stock, but also a place at the University’s Business Bootcamp which really cemented what I needed to know about writing a proper business plan.

“SPARK also gave me some great tips on presentations – an essential skill with a public-facing enterprise like mine,” she says.

“When asked, I always tell people to just go ahead, try out their ideas and give it a go. Every mistake is a learning point, but with expert advice out there from business start-up services like SPARK, you can turn your idea into a business.”

Emma Sheldon