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Gemma Bagshaw

 March 2, 2016 | Simon Jenkins

Our Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarships have enabled a number of students in the Faculty of Arts to take their learning to a new level.

Students like Gemma Bagshaw, whose scholarship in the School of History enabled her to work on a project led by teaching fellow Dr Kevin Linch, examining the lives and experiences of British soldiers between 1750 and 1815.

“The scholarships allow you the freedom to work as a real researcher, doing your own research, exploring a topic in depth and creating an end project to be proud of and to share,” says Gemma. “The research took me to archives and museums, history conferences – as well as some of the key battlefields – and introduced me to a whole world of research which undergraduates wouldn’t normally see as part of their studies.”

Other current Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholars in the arts include:

  • English student Katrina Longhurst, who has joined the University’s renowned “You Are What You Ate” project, which examines Britain’s changing diet over the centuries and engages with modern-day issues of health and nutrition.
  • English student James Eames and history student Katie Simpson who are examining the diaries, official and personal papers, photographs and artwork from the University’s Liddle Archive of First World War material. Their work forms part of the “Legacies of War” project exploring what happened during the four-year conflict – and its profound consequences for society over the subsequent century.
Gemma Bagshaw